Terms and Cost of Development
Magical unity of easy rates, high speed and superb quality – proven means to turn your website into a successful business!
  • Business Card Website
    Terms of Development : 3-14 days

    • Development of exclusive and powerful selling business websites that produce results.
    • Business Card Website – a proven way to introduce your company, find new customers and reach fantastic heights!
    • Our websites are created at the junction of modern technology and psychology.
    • What’s reflected in the design and usability of the resource to catch your visitors wisely.


  • Corporate Website
    Terms of Development : 5-18 days

    • Creation of official or informal corporate websites which will be best extension of your business.
    • Development of memorable, informative, functional corporate websites that meet requirements of the customer and the consumer.
    • Our websites are created at the junction of modern technology and psychology.
    • What’s reflected in the design and usability of the resource to catch your visitors wisely.


  • Online Store
    Terms of Development : 14-28 days

    • Development of online stores of various complexity, designed for a narrow supply of goods, as well as extensive on-line sales.
    • Creation of convenient and attractive functionality, which efficiently and unobtrusively bring the client from the goods description to the button “Buy”.
    • Enjoyable and unique design that will make your online store stand out from the thousands of others.
    • What’s reflected in the design and usability of the resource to catch your visitors wisely.


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What’s included in the cost of a website?
  • Unique design
    Perfect planning of all details - the motto of the correct design for an Internet resource. Creation of stylish marketing design which has incorporated the comfort, appeal and creative promise, will guarantee a powerful growth of your future website.
  • Intelligent Ergonomics
    Travelling along the website is a journey too. Intelligent ergonomics is aimed at making the customer come to the final destination easily and with pleasure, perform a desired by you action and enjoy his time on your resource. And come back again.
  • Native Management
    Sensational Control Panel through which you can easily manage the site. No specific knowledge of programming is required to use the panel - it is intuitive, secure and very comfortable.
  • Corporate Style
    An attracting logo, slogan and style for the client to identify your company unmistakably. Creating a corporate identity, as an attractive halo around your business, promotes the formation of loyalty to the company.
  • Filling Content
    Interesting, catchy content - from selling articles to item description texts. Author's articles, news, announcements – all together they will not only animate and transform the site, but also increase the conversion. We will create the necessary web pages and fill them with life.
  • Domain and Hosting
    Selection of the perfect domain name of the company to reflect the essence of your business. Having a fast and volume hosting for regular operation of even huge websites. We are responsible for all the work of your site on our servers. "
  • Proper Structure
    We create competent web sites that are functionally satisfactory both for the user and for the search engines as well. Hierarchy of the structure is strictly complied, everything is thought out to the last detail to ensure that the web site is indexed well. "
  • Technical Support
    "We will help you even after completion of all works and confirmation of payment, by correcting errors, if any exist. We’ll answer all of your questions in details. "
  • Consultations
    During the whole period of work on your project, we will consult, give recommendations and help you choose the optimal variant. We always do a little more than you may expect.
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When the work speaks for itself
How we work
Below the process of work is visually demonstrated and stages of work are outlined.
  • 1
    Preliminary Consultations
    You contact us in the most convenient way for you or leave your request. We closely study all aspects of your order and confirm our readiness to start working on your project.
  • 2
    Reaching Agreement
    We discuss all the details of your project, stipulate the time and cost and reach an agreement. You explain what you wish and we offer the most effective implementation of all your ideas.
  • 3
    Preview Version
    "You're shown the first version, developed in accordance with your requirements. If necessary, we make changes, and send you an improved version. "
  • 4
    Final Version
    After making revisions and desired changes of details, we provide the final version, which is adapted to your requirements. If the latter option is accepted, as the final variant, the project is considered implemented.
  • 5
    Support and Consulting
    We’ll instruct you on issues relating to your project, advise on what techniques can help achieve ideal results. We give professional comments and outline the way forward.
  • 6
    Mutually Beneficial Cooperation
    We are always looking forward to build effective cooperation with our clients, by helping them to move forward. If you wish, we may continue working on the developed project or create new ones.
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The arguments in favor of working with us
  • The specialist who understands
    Let’s leave specific terminology for those who want to boast of their knowledge in this area, and let’s speak in the ordinary way.
  • Fixed Costs
    We guarantee that no surprises about the cost will arise. Our schemes of work are transparent, and we use fair methods of interaction with our customers. The work is done on time and to the end.
  • All In One
    We think over and create a design, develop functionality, fill in content, promote your website in the Internet, and support it.
  • Professional Webmaters
    Our team are experts, for whom their profession and lifestyle mean the same. We live by what we do. We just can’t but make it well - this is the main argument of quality.
  • We are recommended by friends
    Our main advertising is word of mouth, because people tell about us to their friends. As a result, our clients become permanent.
  • Excellent conditions for constant clients
    Especially for our regular customers we have prepared a comfortable system of discounts and interesting bonuses. As our regular customer, you save money and time because your order is a priority for us.
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